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   Redruth OPC  

Newspaper Archives


6 May 1836, Friday

Coroner's Inquests

Before Hosken James, Esq. County Coroner. Yesterday week, at the dwelling house of Mr. Trevorrah, Innkeeper, in the Parish of Redruth, - Francis Rule, a boy of about eleven years of age, whose death was occasioned by the following circumstances.

The deceased, in the service of Mr. Goggin, tailor, of Redruth, accompanied the 14 yr. old son of his master to St. Day, to care for his horse while the son took care of various commissions. He got on the horse behind his young master, and the spirited horse ran off and threw the deceased, who was so much hurt in the head by the fall that he died the same evening. Verdict, accidental death. Deodand, s.

24 June 1836

Frightful Accident - On Saturday last, the two sons of Wm Davey, Esq. of Redruth, were placed by a servant on the back of a very spirited horse, which suddenly took fright at some object in the road, and threw them to the ground with great violence. The elder escaped unhurt, but the younger was so much injured in the head, that it was at first thought he could not survive the accident. We are happy to learn, however, that he is now in a fair way of recovery.

1 July 1836, Friday

Michael Dawe (14) and William Crowle (14) charged on oath with having taken from the Market house at Redruth, a xxx pot, the property of the Right Hon. Lady xxxx   Both guilty. The prisoner Dawe had been convicted of a felony on two previous occasions. Dawe transported for 14 years; Crowle, to be imprisoned one month and whipped.

8 July 1836

Cricket Match - On Monday last, a cricket match came off on the grounds at Redruth, between the members of the club there, and those from Helston... The match was conducted throughout with the most gentlemanly feeling, and all went off pleasantly. A very excellent dinner was put on the table by Mrs. Andrew, of the hotel, and the thirty-three who partook of it seemed "One and All" to enjoy the hours passed in each others society. Some very excellent songs were sung, and the happy meeting did not break up till morning dawned. The return match will be played at Helston on Monday the 18th.
    Score: Helson - First Inning 70, Second Inning 19, Total 89; Redruth  - 50, 47, 97

    We understand that the Penzance club, though declining to give a special challenge, would be ready to meet the victorious party any time during the present season.

6 JANUARY 1837, Friday - West Briton

Redruth - To be sold or let, public house situate at the South Turnpike Gate, the GEORGE and DRAGON, property of Mr. Henry Chipman, of the King's Arms Inn, Redruth.

3 FEBRUARY 1837, Friday

EMIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA - A FINE first-class SHIP, of 500 Tons burthen, with a Poop and very superior accommodations for Cabin, Intermediate, and Steerage Passengers, will be dispatched in APRIL next, from the RIVER THAMES, direct for SYDNEY, touching at PLYMOUTH, to embark passengers. A very extensive demand exists in this Colony for married Mechanics, particularly Carpenters, Joiners, Stone-masons, Stone-cutters, Bricklayers, Plasterer's, Blacksmiths, Wheelwrights, Glaziers, and others; also for Agricultural Servants, Shepherds (especially people well acquainted with stock) and Gardeners.  Such Persons, provided they are of steady character, and not exceeding 30 years of age, may, with their families, obtain a passage by this conveyance at a very small cost to themselves.  Numerous parties have already engaged to proceed in this Ship; she will carry an experienced Surgeon, and all possible care will be exercised to secure the comfort of the Passengers on the Voyage. All particulars may be known, on application to Mr. JOHN MARSHALL (if by letter, post-paid) Australian Emigration Agent, 20, Burchin-Lane, Cornhill, London.

10 FEBRUARY 1837, West Briton

Truro - All that Tenement, consisting of two dwelling houses, courtlage and outhouse, situated on the South side of New Bridge-street, now in the several occupations of John ROBERTS and Joseph TREGONING.  A survey will be held at the White Hart Inn, Truro  Apply to Alfred JENKIN, Treworgie, Redruth - February 6, 1837

7 JULY 1837, Friday West  Briton

Redruth Wrestling - The prizes offered to wrestlers at Redruth, on the 24th and 26th of June, were awarded to the following persons:  Best prize of three sovereigns, to Thomas Gundry, of Sithney; second best ditto, of two sovereigns, to James Hand, of Redruth; third best ditto, of one sovereign to Wearne Gundry, of Sithney; fourth best ditto, a silver laced hat, to John Hand, of Redruth.  So large an assemblage of spectators as attended at this match has been rarely witnessed, and the play throughout was the most spirited that has been seen for a considerable time.  The whole passed off without the slightest quarrel or incidence.

25 AUGUST 1837, Friday

Redruth Garden Society - On Wednesday week, the first annual meeting of this society took place in the large school room, at Redruth.  From our knowledge of the climate, of the quality of the soil, and the every limited extent to which it is available for gardening purposes in this parish, we were fearful that a long period must elapse before this society would be entitled to rank very high among institutions of a similar kind.  We are happy to acknowledge, however, that this first meeting has been conducted with so much spirit, and so much success, as to make us hope that in another year it will satisfy the best wishes of its founders, as in this it must have exceeded their most sanguine expectations.


For the cottager who has brought up the largest family without parochial relief, Thos. Teague 1; Thos. Williams, John Glasson, Francis Michell, and John Richards, 10s each.

For the cottager whose character is best known for sobriety and industry, Nicholas Launder, Samuel Sampson, and Wm. Edwards, 1 each; John Mill, 10s.

For the neatest and best stocked garden, Stephen Davey, and Thos. Harvey, 1 each; James Houghton and Rd. Houghton, 10s each; Wm. Polkinghorne, 7s.6d.

For the cottager the interior of whose cottage exhibited the greatest appearance of cleanliness and good management, Sarah Angove 1; Robert Harry 10s.

To the cottager who has enclosed land, and whose fences and tenement are in the best repair, Patience Treseder, Jeremiah Allen, and Thos. Snell, 1.

Extra prizes to persons not strictly laboring cottagers, for general neatness of premises, to Wm Trewhella and Wm. Trestrail, 10s. each.

6 OCTOBER 1837, Friday

William EVA, of Camborne, was charged by Thomas NICHOLL, of Redruth, with riding without reins; the bench fined him 2.9s., and 11s.6d in costs.

3 NOVEMBER 1837, Friday

NOTICE - Henry CHIPMAN, jun., does hereby notify Shopkeepers and Tradesmen against giving credit to his WIFE; after this NOTICE, as he will not be answerable for any DEBTS she may contract in his name. Signed HENRY CHIPMAN, King's Arms Inn, Redruth - Nov. 2, 1837