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Redruth OPC  

  Churches & Chapels



Name of Chapel/ Church, Denomination, Location, Built Circa, No. of Seats, Steward Preacher etc., Additional Information.

A view of Carn Brea from St Uny Church yard

St Uny, REDRUTH, Parish Church, Redruth, , 

500, Wm. L Manley.

REDRUTH , Church of England Chapel of Ease, 

Redruth, 1828, 600, Wm. L Manle.

converted to apartments 2004

BLACKSMITHS SHOP, Church of England 

Chapel of Ease, Treleagh, Redruth, 1847, 98 seats, Rev. Wm. L Manley. Replaced by  the building of the new Church in 1865.

Wesleyan Methodist, Station Hill / Wesley Street, Redruth

The third chapel to stand on this sight since Methodism was introduced to the town. This chapel was built in 1826 then lengthened by 20 feet and improved in 1863. Adjoining are rooms for both day and Sunday schools.  

Flowerpot Chapel, Fore Street, Redruth

United Methodist Free Churches

 Seating for 1865 making it Britains 16th largest chapel.

Destroyed by fire 1973


United Methodist Free Churches, Fore Street, Redruth, 

Built in 1838, 840, Thomas Ellery (minister).

This chapel was replaced with the Flower Pot when the UMFC amalgamated with the Independant  Methodists. It was then sold and became a glass and china wharehouse.  Today this is Jim's Discount Store

Bible Christian Chapel, Treruffe Hill, Redruth

Erected in 1864 with a school room underneath this chapel closed in the 1970's and was sold and became w wharehouse for motor parts. It has now been converted into apartments (2005).

PLAIN AN GWARRY, Primitive, Redruth, 

1826, John Richards (minister).

This chapel was built to replace an earlier one on the opposite side of  Plain an Gwarry. It could seat 700. 

Just (2005) being converted into apartments.

HIGHWAY, Primitive, Redruth,


152, John Richard (minister).

HIGHWAY, Wesleyan , Redruth,


350, Robert Bond (minister).

Quaker Burial Ground off Church Lane


Entrance to Quaker Meeting House from Church Lane

QUAKER, Society of Friends (Quaker), Church Lane, Redruth,

1814, 300, Edward Tweedy (minister), Meeting House.

Converted to dwelling



REDRUTH, Wesleyan , Redruth,

1826, 1900, Robert Bond (minister).

TOLSKITHEY, Wesleyan Assoc.,

Redruth, 1846, 100, Thomas Ellery (minister).

TOWN HALL, Wesleyan Reform, Redruth,

1850, 230, Robert Blee (manager), Meeting room.

WHEAL BULLER, Wesleyan , Redruth,

1833, 75, Robert Bond (minister).

Today this has been converted into a dwelling.

BETHESDA, Wesleyan , Falmouth Road, Redruth,

1841, 168, Robert Bond (minister).

Demolished in ?

NORTH COUNTRY, Primitive, Redruth,

1837, 90, John Richards (minister).

NORTH COUNTRY, Wesleyan , Redruth,

1790, 180, Robert Bond (minister).

NORTH COUNTRY, Wesleyan Assoc., Redruth,

1837, 100, Thomas Ellery (minister).

Ebeneezer Baptist Chapel, Alma Place, Redruth.

Built approx 1805

1803, 340, Edward Merriman (minister).

Wilson's Mission Chapel, Kings Street, Redruth

Town Mission, Drump Road Redruth

The Rev. James Wilson

Kelly's Directory 1873.